Red Light Body Slimming
Immediate fat reduction without dieting, exercise, drugs, or surgery.
What is Red Light Body Slimming?

Our technology is based on modulating a specific type of red light to trick the mitochondria in the nucleus of the fat cell into creating a transitory pore in the cell membrane, allowing the fatty acids and triglycerides to escape.
The liberated fat cell contents are then drained by the lymphatic system, and processed by the liver as part of the body’s natural detoxification. The pore in the fat cell will close in about 48-72 hours and the liberated contents will be expelled in the patient’s stool over the next few days.
Completely non-invasive, red light technologies have not shown any recorded side effects and patients do not experience any discomfort during the treatments. As an added benefit, the modulated red light also delivers tighter and smoother skin by adding new collagen and elastin.

We guarantee that you will lose 2” or more from your waist, hips, and thighs at the very first visit.

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Remi Soile is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing in Michigan for over 20 years. Dr. Soile looks forward to helping his patients maintain their health, and provides the best quality comprehensive preventative medical services and diagnostics available.